Shorter Catechism

The Westminster Shorter Catechism is also known simply as the Shorter Catechism.  It was written in the 1640s by English and Scottish divines. The Westminster assembly also produced the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger Catechism. These three documents are considered by many to be the grandest doctrinal statements to come out of the English Reformation. Completed in 1647, it was presented to parliament on 14 April 1648.

The purpose of the Shorter Catechism is to educate lay persons in matters of doctrine belief. The WSC is in a simple question and answer format to facilitate memorization. Parents and the church have now for generations used the shorter catechism to train their children in the ways of the Lord.

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

was professor of theology at Princeton Seminary from 1887 to 1921.  To some he is considered to be the last of the great Princeton theologians.  Read his comments on the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
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